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Help with freezing response; uncontrollable overwhelming feelings; being stuck, disconnected, feeling lost

Movement Psychotherapy in Queens Park, Kilburn, Kensal Rise, North West London & High Barnet

A very warm welcome to you,

I offer movement psychotherapy, supervision and communication coaching

If your response to life and / problems is to freeze or numb out,

If you are struggling to cope and have uncontrollable overwhelming feelings,

If you feel stuck, unseen, lost, disconnected

and are prepared to be open to expressing yourself verbally and non-verbally,

I can help you to manage your feelings and return to or connect with yourself.

Book a trial session to find out if this is for you:
Contact me on 07960 793 670
or email to arrange a session with no obligation to book further sessions.

Movement psychotherapy may seem a scary proposition, in practice we are shining a light on and listening to our bodies and movements as well as our mind. This may mean e.g. that we sit and talk and notice how you are sitting, what is this posture saying or doing for you. It sounds simple and yet you and I can begin to be aware of what you are carrying (embodying) about yourself and your life. Moving the body differently can also help to change patterns of thinking and behaving. Neuroscience research suggests that moving a body produces a sense of agency so e.g. feelings of anxiety can be transformed into a sense of being in control. Movement can restore the mind and body working together rather than in opposition.

As a dance movement psychotherapist in Kilburn / Queens Park & in High Barnet, I am able to work with a wide range of mental health, psychiatric, learning disabilities and life stresses. Much of the individual work has been in the following areas:

Mental Health issues
This is not a finite list, as people come to therapy with many problems and struggle with different issues at various times of their life.

My dance movement psychotherapy and counselling practice in Queens Park, Kilburn London is 5 minutes from Queens Park Station. Near to Kensal Rise, Kilburn, West Hamptstead.
My movement psychotherapy and counselling practice in High Barnet is a 5 minute walk from High Barnet tube station.

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